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Determining Spousal Support in California – The Basics

Determining Spousal Support in California – The BasicsWhen a couple files for divorce or is legally separated in the State of California, a family law court could order one of the divorcing parties to pay the other spouse an indicated amount of money regularly. These court-ordered payments are referred to as alimony or spousal support and they are usually paid on a month-to-month basis. Determining the amount of spousal support is set on a case-by-case basis. Ensuring the payments are accurately set can be challenging without proper legal guidance. If you are going through a divorce or a legal separation, obtain the support of a qualified family law attorney who will advocate on your behalf. The RM Law Group, LLP can represent your case.

Spousal support cases demand profound attention to detail. Every case is unique and should therefore be handled as such. The family law attorneys at RM Law Group, LLP take a personal approach to all of their cases. From the first consultation, the attorneys at RM Law Group, LLP are committed to listening to the needs and concerns of their clients. As a result, the firm has established a reputation for successful cases in the courtroom. If you are facing a divorce or legal separation and are petitioning for spousal support or may be required to pay, by working with the attorneys at RM Law Group, LLP, you can expect a personalized approach that can help you achieve a favorable case outcome. Consider contacting the firm today for a free initial consultation.

The Length of the Marital Union

In California, spousal support reflects the complicated reality of the divorcing parties, along with the duration of the marriage. Generally, spousal support lasts for half of the length of the marriage when the union lasted for no more than ten years.

When a marital union lasts for more than ten years, there is usually no time constraint on the spousal support order. Instead, the higher-earning spouse will need to show the court that the lower-earning spouse no longer needs the financial support, which could be done through either an amicable agreement or through litigation when a mutual agreement cannot be reached.

Temporary Spousal Support, Pendente Lite

Pendente Lite is temporary spousal support. The term comes from the Latin word meaning “during litigation”. This type of support is set before the court finalizes the divorce. It is also set before an arrangement for long-term support is established. Temporary spousal support is intended to provide both parties with the ability to maintain a similar lifestyle to what the parties enjoyed prior to the divorce. It will be calculated based on specific California guidelines.

Long-Term Spousal Support

Long-term spousal support or permanent support is an order that has been agreed upon by both parties or ordered by a judge as a part of the final divorce decree. This type of spousal support is usually ordered for marriages that lasted for over ten years. Long-term spousal support entitles the lesser-earning party to a specified amount of alimony payments for years or even lifetime payments.

Consult With an Experienced Family Law Attorney

In the State of California, a divorcing spouse may be ordered by the court to pay the other spouse monetary support for a set period of time. Spousal support can be extremely complicated and there are multiple factors that can determine how much spousal support is to be paid. Whether you are seeking spousal support or believe you could be paying alimony, discuss your case with a well-versed family law attorney.

The qualified attorneys at RM Law Group, LLP are exceptionally skilled in an array of family law cases, including divorce and spousal support. The firm takes a personal approach when handling each one of their cases and they are prepared to handle the most contentious divorce cases. Seek the legal support of a proficient law firm that can advocate on your behalf. Consider scheduling a no-obligation consultation with RM Law Group, LLP today.

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