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Redlands Family Law Attorneys Defending Your Rights in a Divorce

attorneyWhen a marriage does not work out, the process can be difficult not only for the spouses but their entire families as well. If you are going through a divorce, whether you are the petitioner or the spouse responding to the divorce, you should have an overall understanding of the process. Each state will have its own rules and regulations with respect to the divorce procedure and the complexity of the laws will usually necessitate the professional expertise of well-versed attorney.

RM Law Group, LLP is experienced in family law matters and highly skilled in the field of divorce cases. If you are going through a divorce, contact the expertise of a Redlands family attorney who will protect your property, assets, and your rights. We handle cases involving divorce, child support & custody, spousal support and Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (DVROs).

Initiating the Court Process for Divorce in California

If you are the spouse interested in initiating the divorce procedure in California, one of the first steps you will need to take is filing the documents in the proper courthouse. Many courthouses will have specific requirements for having the eligibility to file in their jurisdiction. If you reside in the City of Redlands, it is likely that you will file in the San Bernardino Superior Court.

You should note that a divorce process is not without cost. The entire process can have a high cost, especially if you are unsure of what legal steps to take. Obtaining the support of a knowledgeable attorney can help you not only cut costs but also save you time. A skilled attorney will ensure that your rights are protected, every step of the way.

Serving the Respondent – Your Spouse

Once you have filed the petition for divorce in the appropriate superior court, you will need to provide a copy of the documents to the other party, known as the respondent. In order to properly serve the other party, a third person over the age of 18, in most circumstances, must deliver the documents to the respondent.

Another method of serving the respondent is by having a person over the age of 18 mail the documents along with a Family Law -FL-117 form. A Notice of Acknowledgement and Receipt is a form that the recipient will need to sign and mail back for the purpose of filing with the family court. The person you have assigned to serve the documents will need to fill out an FL-115 form, Proof of Service of Summons. It is worth noting that you do not need to handle the service alone. Contact the professional support of attorney Michael Recinos, who is a co-founder of the RM Law Group, LLP. Attorney Recinos understands the professionalism needed for each case, and he is prepared to help you throughout the entire divorce procedure.

Understanding Financial Disclosures

One of the most complex steps in a divorce procedure involves the disclosure of assets. As a petitioner, you should prepare to disclose the following:

  • Earned income,
  • Expenses,
  • Property values,
  • Other assets, and/or
  • Debts

A family court will want to know any significant assets either party may have ownership of. This could include investments, properties, and even retirement accounts. The division of assets and debts can pose some of the most problematic and stressful situations of the entire divorce process. A couple who has not entered into agreement with regard to the division of property can encounter difficulty. If you have assets that you wish to protect, seek the legal expertise of the knowledgeable attorneys at RM Law Group, LLP.

You should know that there are certain assets that could be excluded from property division.  If you have any questions about your specific case, consult with a proficient family law attorney at RM Law Group, LLP. Redlands family law attorney Michael Recinos has experience in handling property division in divorce cases.

Judgement of Dissolution

A judgement of dissolution is one of the final steps in a divorce process.
A divorce will be finalized once the judgement is signed by the family court judge and the proper documents have been filed by the court. A specialized attorney can help to make sure that your case is finalized. Speak to a family law attorney who can help you understand your options throughout the entire divorce process. If you have any concerns, a skillful attorney will make sure that your rights are upheld in a court of law.

RM Law Group, LLP has handled many divorce cases. Family law in California is complex and demands the skill of a well-versed attorney. RM Law Group, LLP has the legal support you need to file a divorce that benefits your needs.

Divorce Cases in Redlands Demand the Legal Support of Experienced Family Law Attorneys

Divorce cases can be highly complicated because they can often involve child visitation disputes, spousal support orders, domestic violence issues, and other difficult matters. The separation of a family is a difficult situation for many and if there are children involved, the entire process can be even more stressful.

The attorneys at  RM Law Group, LLP understand that divorce cases demand sensitivity and patience. They know that many family issues will demand serious arbitration. If you are seeking to petition for a divorce in the City of Redlands, RM Law Group is prepared to provide you assistance and support throughout the entire process. Seek a consultation with RM Law Group’s specialized family law attorney Michael Recinos.

Mr. Recinos has represented many individuals going through a divorce. His passion and dedication has led to countless successful cases. RM Law Group, LLP is an award-winning law firm that has represented the rights of clients throughout southern California. If you are seeking to file for a divorce, consult with a skilled divorce attorney in Redlands at RM Law Group LLP by dialing (909) 740-7131.