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RM Law Group attorneysNo person ever hopes for legal issues to happen within their family, but difficult issues nonetheless happen sometimes. Whenever a person is facing divorce, child custody issues, or other family law matters, it is essential to retain the qualified support of an experienced family law attorney. With over a decade of professional legal experience, the attorneys at RM Law Group, LLP can provide the representation needed to navigate this difficult time.

The proficient legal team at RM Law Group, LLP understands that family matters are always difficult to deal with. Aside from emotional challenges, it can also be difficult to navigate the convoluted legal process. Fortunately, you do not have to face family law matters alone, the dedicated attorneys at RM Law Group, LLP can provide you with the legal representation you deserve. When facing a family law matter in Lakewood, CA, consider contacting RM Law Group, LLP, and obtain your free case evaluation today.

Proficient Support with Child Custody & Visitation in Lakewood

Perhaps the most challenging issues when it comes to family law are those involving dependent, minor children. Issues dealing with custody plans, visitation, and support are oftentimes difficult to resolve. With the support of a skilled law firm like RM Law Group, LLP, however, it is possible to develop and negotiate a parenting plan that will work for both parents.

One of the first steps to resolve a child custody dispute is to draft an ideal parenting plan. The desired plan should be specific and include the days of the week and the times of day the parent will want to have the child.

When negotiating with the other parent, joint custody can be amicably set. Joint custody means that both parents will share equal legal custody of the child, in a fifty-fifty split. If joint custody does not work, a custody schedule can be arranged. Primarily, however, it is important to understand what works best for you so that the agreed plan also works for you.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for parents to disagree on a parenting plan. When both parents are unable to amicably enter into an agreement, a family law judge will make a decision on their behalf based on several factors.

Receive Professional Support in Lakewood for Matters Involving Child Support

Another area of great contention in family law matters is child support. Parents usually argue whether they are receiving sufficient payments or they may feel like they are paying too much. Again, when the parents cannot come to an agreement on child support payments, the courts will make a decision on their behalf.

The courts will decide on child support payments based on:

  • Whether the parents have joint custody of the parent,
  • The income of both parents,
  • The expenses of the child,
  • And more.

Schedule a No-Cost Consultation With a Skilled Family Law Firm Today

Legal matters involving family relationships can be very difficult to navigate. Fortunately, you do not have to navigate these matters alone. When facing a family law matter, such as child custody, visitation, and support, retain the support of a qualified law firm.

The experienced family law attorneys at RM Law Group, LLP can help you understand your rights as you face this challenging time. With over a decade of legal experience successfully handling a variety of family law cases, the attorneys at RM Law Group, LLP can advocate on your behalf. Consider contacting the law firm today to arrange a no-cost consultation.