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Jason Martinez is certified in family law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal SpecializationIn California, paternity cases are also referred to as parentage or fathers’ rights cases. In these types of cases, a judge will grant a court order legally establishing a child’s parents. If the parents of a child are married during the birth of the child, then it is legally presumed that the child’s father is the husband and the mother is the wife. When the parents are domestic partners or unwed, the parentage of the child needs to be established in court. A Cerritos paternity attorney can help you with establishing the paternity of your child.

Why Does Paternity Need to Be Established in California?

If the parents were not married when the child was born or when the mother was pregnant, then paternity must be legally established. If paternity is not legally established, then the child’s dad will have no responsibilities or legal rights to their child. It is in the biological fathers’ best interest to contact a paternity attorney as soon as possible in order to establish legal paternity.

Without establishing paternity, the court cannot issue orders of custody, child support, or visitation schedules. Name changes and reimbursement of birthing expenses cannot be completed until the paternity of the child is established. In the event that the paternity is contested or questioned, the court can order the mother, child, and assumed father to undergo genetic testing to prove paternity.

What Can a Fathers’ Rights Attorney Do for Me?

A paternity attorney, or fathers’ rights lawyer, can help you establish paternity so your child can attain certain privileges and rights. A paternity attorney will help you through the family law legal system and process of establishing paternity. If you are aiming to establish parentage, then the legal guidance of a seasoned paternity attorney can ensure you take the proper steps for your child’s case. The process of establishing paternity can be complicated and a good attorney will help you every step of the way.

Here are the rights that your child would receive once paternity has been established:

  • The ability to receive support from both parents
  • The ability to collect an inheritance from either parent
  • The ability to receive social security benefits, worker’s compensation benefits, and veteran’s benefits that are available to the established parents
  • The ability to sue for wrongful death in situations that involve the legal parent

In addition to the benefits listed above, the parent would also be able to access their child’s medical records. The child would also benefit from knowing who their father is in an established paternity case. They will hopefully have the emotional benefit of a healthy relationship with their father.

In situations where the alleged father does not believe he is the father of the child, the father can contest the paternity claim. A skilled lawyer will be able to help the person dispute the paternity case.

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