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Family Law Attorneys in the City of Pomona: Defending Your Rights in a Divorce

attorneyDivorce matters in the State of California can be overwhelming. For many families, the process can present many burdens and challenges that involve legal and financial disputes. If you live in the City of Pomona and are going through the process of a divorce, you should know certain specifics of divorce and family laws that could affect your case.

The Pomona family attorneys at RM Law Group, LLP are highly skilled in divorce law cases including child support, custody, spousal support and domestic violence restraining orders (DVROs). Whether you or your spouse is initiating divorce proceedings, it is essential to protect your rights. RM Law Group, LLP has the experience and dedication needed to protect your rights and interests.

Filing for Divorce in Pomona, California

The process for filing for a divorce in the State of California is generally uniform throughout the state. If you are a Pomona resident and are seeking to file for divorce, you will need to petition under the Los Angeles County Superior Court. A general scope of divorce petition requirements can be read below:

  • Eligibility Requirements – A person seeking a divorce in California will need to meet certain requirements to be eligible. For starters, California has a residency requirement of which at least one of the parties must have lived at least 6 months in the state prior to filing for divorce and 3 months in the county in which he or she intends to file.

Be sure to check with the applicable superior court for further requirements. If you need additional assistance with filing or have any questions about your case, seek the legal expertise of one of RM Law Group’s co-founders: Attorney Michael Recinos. Attorney Recinos is dedicated to ensuring that the rights of his clients are protected in family court.

  • Grounds for Divorce – The State of California is a no-fault state when it comes to divorce. This means that the person seeking to file for the divorce does not have to present evidence with regard to the other person’s wrongdoings. Many people assume that if adultery or violence transpired throughout the marriage, the judge will take these factors into consideration for the purpose of granting a dissolution. These facts may be considered in other areas such as, spousal support and child custody.

If you are seeking a divorce in the City of Pomona, speak to a knowledgeable attorney at RM Law Group, LLP who can answer your questions and help champion for your rights throughout the entire process.

California Divorce Process Overview

If you are the petitioning party, there are a few steps you must follow to get a divorce in California. It should be noted that even after the entire process has been finalized, the State of California imposes a 6-month waiting period from the date in which the petition is filed before the divorce is complete.

In order to begin the divorce process, one of the two parties must file in the applicable superior court. For residents of the Los Angeles County, you can find your court by using the filing court locator. Once the forms have been submitted, the petitioner will need to serve the other  party, known as a respondent, with a copy of the forms.

A divorce proceeding can go multiple ways. This will generally depend on what works best for the parties involved. Some cases are simple, and if both parties agree to the terms, the process can be much quicker. Other cases can be highly complex and demand the need of a mediator who can help the parties work through the challenges.

Whether or not issues arise, it is crucial to seek the legal expertise of a family law attorney who is well versed in divorce cases. The attorneys at RM Law Group LLP have the skills necessary to help you defend your rights in a divorce. The firm is equipped with the experience necessary to protect your interest in a family court proceeding. If you are going through a divorce, obtain the specialized support of a team of attorneys who are skillful in the area.

Property Division in the State of California

The State of California is one of the many states that are known as community property states. This will typically mean that when people enter into a marriage, the married couple are considered a single party for the purpose of asset ownership. Therefore, any property that is earned or acquired by either party is considered community property and it is owned by both. Similarly, if there are any debts that either party has accrued during the marriage, this is also considered community property.

Property that was owned prior to the marriage or if one of the parties has received a gift or some form of inheritance during the marriage, is considered as separate property. If you are unsure if your property will be considered community property or separate property, seek the legal expertise of an attorney who can help you identify what is rightfully yours.

Obtain the Support of the RM Law Group LLP: Pomona Family & Divorce Attorneys Who Will Vigorously Champion For Your Rights

While many divorce cases can have a similar foundation, there are many factors that can come into play and affect the entire process. Without the proper understanding, the outcome of your divorce can be unwanted. In order to defend your property and rights in a divorce, seek the legal support of a team of attorneys who have a thorough understanding of family law cases. The attorneys at RM Law Group LLP are well equipped to defend your rights. Contact the Pomona divorce attorneys at RM Law Group LLP now by calling (909) 453-2707 so we can discuss your potential legal strategy.