Throughout the State of California, countless parents are unmarried when their child is conceived or is born. In California, in order to establish paternity, or establish parental rights, a paternity case must be opened in the appropriate family law court. Cases involving paternity are challenging, often dealing with high levels of stress and concern. When facing a paternity case in the State of California, it is recommended to seek the legal support of a skilled family law attorney.

California Law Concerning Paternity

Based on California’s Family Code §7570, the state has compelling interest in establishing paternity of every child. This is because the first step toward providing families with child support is establishing paternity. Moreover, paternity is also the foundation of child custody and child visitation orders.

Other benefits of establishing paternity include: For purposes of obtaining a medical diagnosis, For health insurance purposes, Obtaining military benefits, Obtaining social security benefits, and/or Inheritance rights.

The State of California also proclaims that knowing their father is an essential part of every child’s development. When facing a paternity case, California family law judges will uphold these interests.

Establishing Paternity

The state has created a system for the establishment of paternity, which increases the establishment of paternity in general. When paternity is streamlined, more children will gain access to benefits such as child support and more. Going through a voluntary process can save parents as well as the California court system time and money. Based on Family Code §7571, an unmarried mother who is giving birth can identify the father, and he will have the ability to complete a declaration of paternity. The completion of a declaration of paternity will generally be sufficient for establishing paternity.

When Facing a Paternity Action, Seek the Legal Support of a Skilled Family Law Attorney

Family law cases in the State of California can oftentimes be challenging. As a result, it is always important to consider seeking the legal support of a skilled attorney. If you are facing a paternity action, contact the support of a qualified family law attorney.

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