Arguments, heated debates, and disagreements are normal situations in nearly all relationships. In some cases, however, a partner may not fight fairly and this can quickly result in physical and/or mental abuse. When negative aspects of a relationship get out of control, a victim may be exposed to injuries, ailments, and in the worst cases, death.

Sadly, it is not common for many abused victims to speak up against the person who is causing them harm. This can be the cause of many factors, which could involve fear of repercussion from the oppressor. It is important for abused victims to know that there is a safer environment for them and a restraining order is a crucial step that can help them get there.

Understanding How a Restraining Order Can Help

Restraining orders, frequently known as orders of protection, are court-ordered forms that obligate a person to act, or refrain from acting, with respect to the protected person(s). For the most part, a restraining order can protect the person requesting the protection as well as others who may also be in danger. In many cases, children may be involved and the abusive individual could also pose a threat to them.

The following are essential reasons why consulting the legal support of a skilled attorney can help when there is a need to file a restraining order against an abuser.

Obtaining Temporary Restraining Orders

Temporary restraining orders are usually easy to obtain and many can be obtained with the help of local police. A temporary restraining order can serve to protect a victim for about 5 to 7 days but with the support of a proficient attorney, a protective order can last longer through a court ordered temporary restraining order.

Obtaining Permanent Restraining Orders

Permanent restraining orders can sometimes last for up to 5 years. A skilled attorney can work to demonstrate why a permanent restraining order is necessary. If part of the court process, this will typically take effect at a court hearing after the temporary order was already in place.

An Attorney Will Identify Necessary Details

Restraining orders can help to prevent an abuser from contacting the victim but it is also important to identify necessary restrictions and requirements the abuser will need to abide by. An experienced attorney will know what details to look out for in order to keep the victim(s) safe. Important details that are often overlooked can include the payment of certain bills or the use of shared property. While safety is the first concern, these orders allow for other aspects to be addressed so that the victim can still move forward after the immediate threat has subsided.

An Attorney Will Champion For Your Rights

Many victims who have filed a restraining order will likely need to face their oppressor in a court hearing so that the oppressor has the opportunity to provide a defense. Many victims can feel anxious or worried about facing a person who has caused them harm. By obtaining an attorney, the victim will have a professional who will champion on his or her behalf.

Obtain the Legal Expertise of a Professional Attorney

RM Law Group has a history of providing legal support to victims seeking protection by means of a restraining order. For many victims, pursuing a restraining order can be a difficult process and seeking expert legal support is beneficial. The attorneys at RM Law Group are prepared to stand with victims in their quest to a safer environment.