If you’ve ever driven in Southern California, you know how beautifulthe scenery is in the area. The scenic landscapes provide much of the backdrop for the state’s film industry. However, Southern California has offered locals and visitors more than just breathtaking views. The Southern part of the state has some of the most dangerous roads in the state according to our car accident attorneys. Some of these highways are rated among the deadliest in the country. Here are a few to use extra caution on while commuting on these roads.

Interstate 5

Locals call it “The Five.” It’s long stretches of flat open highway encourage speeders to take risks that don’t always work out. This is the deadliest Interstate in Orange County.  It’s been reported that approximately 800 fatal accidents occurred on Interstate 5 over a four-year period.

Interstate 15

Interstate 15 runs from the border of Nevada to San Diego and covers almost 300 miles. It’s one of the most traveled roads in the country.  In 2013, this stretch of highway was rated one of the most dangerous roads in the United States. It is estimated that there were 500 fatalities on I 15 during the same four-year period from 2004 – 2008.

Interstate 10

Most folks don’t know that Interstate 10 was the first freeway in Los Angeles. With every increasing traffic volume, it also has a reputation for having a high number of fatalities. 387 fatalities were reported from 2004 -2008. It was the site of a tour bus accident in October 2016 that killed 13 people.

Interstate 8

It’s not as deadly as some of the interstates we’ve already covered, but it’s a very dangerous road. It’s narrow lanes and curves make it difficult to drive on safely. Passing is treacherous as drivers try to find their way around big trucks.

State Route 126

This is another beautiful drive with the high risk of an accident.  There is one particular stretch that has been nicknamed “Blood Alley.” This segment of the road is only six miles long and only has only two lanes. As of October 2016, there had been eight deaths on this portion of the road in seven months.

Route 74

This road is also known as the Ortega Highway. Drivers tend to speed on this road, which is loaded with tight curves. It is very hard to stay in your lane. So, oncoming traffic is a safety issue. There are guardrails up to keep cars from dropping over the side and into a deep ravine, but they don’t always work.

Route 73

Speeding is the major culprit on this beautiful drive winding through the San Joaquin Hills. Many drivers are found to be averaging 82 miles per hour, even though the posted speed limit is 65. As you can expect, the results are often tragic.

Use Caution

As you drive through Southern California, be aware and use particular care on these treacherous roads. Some of these roads are commuter corridors, and really cannot be avoided. Watch your speed and don’t drive while distracted or intoxicated.

For more information, speak to an auto accident attorney at once.