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What to Expect When Seeking a Post-Judgment Motion in California

What to Expect When Seeking a Post-Judgment Motion in CaliforniaIn California, a post-judgment motion is a term used when describing almost any motion that is filed in a legal separation, divorce, paternity case, marriage annulment, or domestic violence matter after the first judgment has already been entered by the judge. There are a plethora of motions that may be filed after the initial judgement, and they occur regularly in courthouses across Southern California. If you believe you will need to file a post-judgement motion, seek legal counsel from an experienced attorney. The experienced litigators at RM Law Group, LLP can provide you the support you need to file and defend a post-judgment issue.

For many years, RM Law Group, LLP has championed on behalf of individuals and their families in a variety of family law matters. When it comes to family law, it is necessary to obtain the support of an attorney who has the resources needed to help you achieve the most favorable case outcome. To schedule a complimentary case evaluation with RM Law Group, LLP consider calling the law firm at 888-765-2902 today.

Types of Post-Judgment Motions in California

In the State of California, there are essentially two forms of post-judgment motions that can be filed in a family law court.

Modification Cases

The first is referred to as a modification motion and it is filed in order to modify an order, judgement, or decree that already exists. This can sometimes include orders that were set by a court outside of the state. The motion to modify an existing order can be petitioned for any party that wishes to change an order because there was a change in the circumstances surrounding the motion. To petition for a modification, however, it is necessary to prove that the change in circumstances actually occurred.

Some of the most common types of cases that could require a post-judgement motion for modification are: Child support cases, Child custody orders, Orders of visitation, and Spousal support orders.

Collection or Enforcement Cases

The second form of post-judgement motion is filed when there is a need to collect or enforce a previous court-ordered obligation. Common cases that could require this type of post-judgement motions are: When it is necessary to collect overdue child support payments and/or alimony, Collecting a past due amount for unreimbursed medical care costs and expenses for underage children, When there is a need to enforce a payment set by a judgement, and Collecting on orders set to pay certain divorce-related expenses.

Discuss Your Case with a Well-Versed Family Law Attorney

Petitioning for a post-judgement motion is not easy. In fact, establishing sufficient evidence to demonstrate the need for the motion can be complicated at times. If you have reason to believe you may need a post-judgement modification, it is necessary that you seek the legal support of a well-established family attorney who can help.

RM Law Group, LLP is highly versed in a variety of family law cases, and the law firm has the experience you need to file a post-judgement motion with confidence. To protect your rights and interests, consider seeking the legal support of RM Law Group, LLP. Consider contacting the firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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