Studies indicate that sleep deprivation and/or fatigue may contribute to as much as 40 percent of all large truck accidents. The freight industry is heavily regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, including the number of hours a truck driver can operate his or her vehicle consecutively. In spite of this, truck accidents caused by a lack of sleep and/or fatigue continue to happen. If you or someone you love was recently injured in a truck accident, obtain the support of a qualified personal injury attorney. The Southern California attorneys at RM Law Group, LLP can help.

For over a decade, the attorneys at RM Law Group, LLP have successfully advocated on behalf of injured truck accident victims. The firm understands that while truck accidents are rare, they tend to cause serious injuries. Unfortunately, recovering a fair settlement after an accident is challenging as truck drivers and their insurance companies work aggressively to ensure they pay the least amount possible. After a truck accident obtain a complimentary consultation from the dedicated team at RM Law Group, LLP by calling (888) 765-2902 or filling out the online form here.

The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that a lack of sleep is a factor in nearly 100,000 traffic accidents a year across the United States. In 2017 alone, NHTSA reports that drowsy driving led to 795 fatalities. The agency further reports that drowsy driving can result in impaired cognition and performance.

Driving while sleep-deprived is a serious concern in the United States, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drowsy driving is similar to driving while drunk. According to the agency, studies indicate that going too long without enough sleep can impair a driver’s ability to drive in a manner that can be comparable to driving while intoxicated.

According to the CDC, the following is true about sleep deprivation:

  • Being awake for 18 hours or more can be compared to having a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05%.
  • Drowsiness increases the effect of even the smallest amounts of alcohol.
  • Being awake for 24 hours or more is equivalent to having a blood alcohol concentration of 0.10%, which is greater than the legal amount of 0.08% in every state.

Establishing Liability After a Truck Accident Caused by Sleep Deprivation

Filing a personal injury claim for an accident caused by a sleep-deprived truck driver can be challenging. While drowsy driving can be comparable to driving while intoxicated in many ways, no test can affirm the driver’s level of drowsiness. Still, establishing liability can be accomplished through a full investigation of the case.

All truck drivers in the state are legally required to maintain a logbook of their hours of operation. A review of the driver’s logbook can indicate if the driver is accustomed to driving for long periods of time. Moreover, a look into the truck driver’s history can also indicate whether the driver has a record of illegal driving incidents or lacks proper training.

Obtain Compensation With the Support of a Knowledgeable Personal Injury Attorney

Sleep deprivation or driving while fatigued are some of the most serious causes of truck accidents. Although the freight industry is heavily regulated by the FMCSA, accidents continue to happen as a result of preventable causes, such as sleep deprivation and fatigue. If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a truck accident, discuss the case with a knowledgeable truck accident attorney as soon as possible.

RM Law Group, LLP has extensive experience handling a wide range of truck accident cases, including those involving sleep deprivation and fatigue. Like all other traffic accidents, there are many factors that can contribute to the cause of a truck accident. The attorneys at RM Law Group, LLP are prepared to handle the most complex truck accident cases and will ensure all potentially liable parties are held accountable for the damages. To schedule a no-cost consultation with the firm, call (888) 765-2902 or complete the online contact form today.