We all visit the grocery store regularly, and whether we are there to pick up a quick snack or groceries for the week, no one ever expects to be injured while shopping inside a grocery store. Each year, hundreds of people suffer injuries caused in grocery store accidents. Although many injuries are the result of slip and fall accidents, grocery store accidents can take many forms.

Every grocery store in the state, whether a small corner store or a large chain retailer, is legally required to observe a duty of care to its customers. Grocery store owners and property managers have to regularly inspect their premises to ensure the property remains reasonably safe from dangers.

Safety is owed to every single customer the moment they enter the property. When a customer slips over a liquid substance on the floor or trips over clutter, the property owner can be held responsible for the injuries sustained from the accident.

Common Causes of Grocery Store Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are very common forms of accidents in grocery stores. Spills on the floor that are not immediately cleaned or mopped create hazards for shoppers. When a liquid cannot be completely dried, a warning sign should be posted for unsuspecting customers.

Other common forms of grocery store accidents can occur as a result of the following: Consuming spoiled food, Consuming tainted food, Aisle obstructions, Missing or misplaced doormats, and Damaged shopping baskets or carts.

It is important to know that not every grocery store accident will occur within the store. Many accidents can also occur in the store’s parking lot or other areas attached to the property. Hazards that can appear on other areas of the premises include: Insufficient lighting, Uneven or cracked floors and obstructed walkways.

A Grocery Store Owner’s Duty of Care

Every property owner in the State of California is required to protect property visitors from being injured on the property. As a result, basic property maintenance is required, including inspecting the property for potential hazards and dangers.

Duty of care, however, does not necessarily mean the property owner will be held responsible for every single injury that occurs inside the property. This is because property owners are not required to protect visitors from every risk of danger imaginable. Their duty of care primarily applies to reasonably foreseeable risks.

When property owners violate their duty of care, the breach can constitute negligence, making them liable when an accident results in another’s injury.

Consult an Experienced Premises Liability Attorney

After a grocery store accident, the injuries sustained can be long-lasting. If you or a loved one was injured while shopping at a grocery store, discuss the case with an established premises liability attorney. An attorney will investigate the case on your behalf and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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