Southern California is a great place to live for many reasons, including its climate, scenery, and weather. These factors make it conducive for walking or jogging as a favored pastime for many. While these activities can be enjoyable, pedestrians are always at risk for serious injury when struck by a motor vehicle.

According to an article, Pedestrian Injuries: Emergency Care Considerations, published by the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine, across the world, pedestrian injuries are recognized as a growing public health threat. The global economic burden of pedestrian injuries that occur as a result of traffic accidents totals $500 billion. In the United States, accidents involving pedestrians have been on the rise since 2009. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a pedestrian is injured in an accident every 7.5 minutes.

Risk Factors Associated With Pedestrian Accidents

Based on information gathered by Pedestrian Injuries: Emergency Care Considerations, it is vital to assess the risk factors associated with pedestrian accidents in order to successfully implement interventional programs. The article continues to highlight the following risk factors that accompany pedestrian accidents:

  • National data indicates that a vast majority of pedestrian fatalities occur between the hours of 6 p.m. and midnight. The article attributes this to impaired vision on behalf of drivers or alcohol consumption by either motorists or pedestrians.
  • About 40 percent of fatalities among pedestrians involve pedestrian intoxication.
  • Nearly 20 percent of fatalities among pedestrians involve driver intoxication.
  • Roughly 67 percent of fatal accidents occur in urban areas.
  • 75 percent of fatal pedestrian accidents occur in non-intersections.
  • Poor city planning, driver speeding, and a pedestrian’s lack of safety awareness are variables that lead to higher incidences of pedestrian accidents in urban areas.
  • Older adults, young children, and those who are of lower socioeconomic status are most vulnerable of being hit by a vehicle.

Pedestrian Accident Injury Patterns

The severity of the injuries in a pedestrian accident can be affected by many factors. This includes the speed of the vehicle, the angle of which the pedestrian was struck, and body part that comes into contact with the vehicle first, and the motor vehicle design. For many accident victims, the legs are the first to come into contact with the vehicle’s bumper, leading to serious leg injuries. When a person suffers a vehicle and ground impact, there is a likelihood of serious head trauma, broken bones, and fractures.

The aforementioned article indicates that the most common injuries are: Head and neck injuries, and Musculoskeletal injuries.

The severity of these injuries will vary based on the affected person’s age, where minors are more likely to sustain head and neck injuries and adults are more likely to suffer musculoskeletal injuries.

Physical Recovery Depends on the Ability to Obtain a Fair Monetary Compensation

If you or someone you love has been injured in a pedestrian accident, hiring a skilled attorney is in your best interest. There are a multitude of factors that need to be accounted for and a proficient attorney will handle the complexities that arise from the case. In addition, a pedestrian accident attorney will advocate for your right to recover a maximum compensation.

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