While there is a wide range of claims that fall under the legal umbrella of premises liability cases, the most common claims involve slip, trip, or fall incidents. In these types of cases, victims can suffer serious injuries as a result of hazardous conditions, such as obstructed walkways, uneven sidewalks, slippery floors, and dimly lit pathways.

Injuries resulting from a negligent condition can occur in a private or public property, and as a result, there are a wide-range of parties that may be accountable for the harms. If you or someone you know was injured as a result of a negligent condition in a public or private property, there may be an opportunity to recover financial compensation for the harms. Premises liability claims are subject to California’s statute of limitations and should be filed as soon as possible. Contact the support of a skilled law firm to begin the filing process.

The Value of Proving Negligence in a Claim

Demonstrating negligence in a premises liability claim can be considered the key to having a successful outcome. Negligence means that the property owners or property caretakers failed to reasonably ensure that the property is safe from potential dangers that could cause harm to others. Proving negligence, however, can be difficult as the victim will need to demonstrate that the property owner or property caretaker knew of the dangerous condition or had a reason to know that the dangerous condition existed.

When proving negligence, the following four conditions will need to be demonstrated in the claim:

  1. The accused party owned, occupied, or leased the property;
  2. The accused party was negligent in the maintenance or use of the property;
  3. The victim sustained injuries in the property; and
  4. The accused party’s negligence actions or inactions were a substantial factor in causing the victim’s injuries.

 Focusing on Recovering the Maximum Amount of Compensation

There are many types of accidents that can give rise to a premises liability claim in California. When a victim sustains an injury while in another’s property, it is essential to seek financial compensation, as this can provide for a better recovery.

If you were injured while in another’s property, filing a premises liability claim can help you cover expenses such as your medical expenses, your loss of income, as well as your pain and suffering. Speak to a well-versed attorney who can guide you through the filing process.

The premises liability law firm,  RM Law Group, LLP, has been dutifully committed to helping victims of negligence recuperate the financial settlement they are owed. The firm understands that following a premises liability accident, many victims will experience physical pain, emotional distress, and substantial financial hardships. As a result, RM Law Group, LLP is dedicated to helping their clients pursue the maximum amount of restitution available. After a premises liability accident, consider speaking to a qualified personal injury attorney today. Contact the attorneys at RM Law Group, LLP for a free initial consultation.