Many Californians consider themselves as dog lovers. Across the state, it is easy to find parks, beaches, and other public areas that allow pet owners to bring their canines for exercise and outdoor recreation. Unfortunately, any dog in the public poses a threat to those around. When a person suffers a dog bite, the consequences can be long lasting.

California’s Strict Dog Bite Statute

Across the nation, every state will have laws concerning dog bites and animal attacks. The State of California has one of the strictest laws concerning dog bites. When a canine attacks a person, the animal’s owner will be held strictly responsible for the injuries caused by the animal, regardless if the owner had prior knowledge of the animal’s aggressive behavior. Under California law, a pet owner can be held liable if the victim can prove the following conditions:

  • The accused person owned the dog,
  • The animal bit the person in a public space or on private property where the victim was allowed to be in,
  • The attacked person sustained injuries, and
  • The canine bite was the reason for those injuries

Under state law, however, the following conditions are applicable:

  • Private property trespassers will not be protected under this law, and
  • Only canine owners will be held responsible.

Dog Bite Reports in California

Reports indicate that the State of California leads the nation in dog bite incidents. The City of Los Angeles particularly holds a high record of dog bite attacks on post office workers. According to U.S. Postal Service’s annual reports:

  • The City of Los Angeles topped the list of canine attacks on postal workers with 80 reported attacks.
  • The City of Houston, Texas followed in second with 62 attacks.
  • On a national level, dog attacks on postal workers rose to 6,755, which is a 206 case increase from the previous year.

The immense amount of dog bite attacks on postal workers is attributed to the booming industry of online consumerism.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, there are 45 million Americans who suffer a dog bite each year. Many sources further claim that California’s year-round pleasant weather is a contributing factor in the amount of canine attacks.

The Consequences of a Dog Bite

A dog bite can lead to a variety of consequences, some of which could have long-lasting results. A person that has suffered a dog bite can undergo: Open wound cuts, Broken bones, Nerve damage, Bacterial infection, Scarring or disfigurement, and/or Emotional distress.

Hire the Legal Support of a Qualified Dog Bite Attorney

If you have suffered a dog bite, you should not have to bear the financial burden of the attack, especially when the attack was unprovoked. Seek the legal advice of a qualified personal injury attorney who can help you file a personal injury claim that will help you recover the maximum you’re entitled to under the law.

The personal injury attorneys at  RM Law Group, LLP are highly skilled in dog bite cases in the State of California. If you were injured after a dog bite, you have the legal right to seek restitution for damages that include medical costs, a loss of wages, rehabilitation, as well as pain and suffering. Consult a skilled personal injury law firm for more information today.