If you were recently involved in a vehicular collision where the other party was at-fault, you could be considering filing a claim under the available under-insured provisions of your personal auto insurance policy. This provision can help you when the driver who caused the accident does not have enough insurance to financially cover the injuries and/or property damage you may have accrued. The following information will help you understand under what situations you may want to file a claim as well as how to proceed with filing the claim.

Under-insured Motorist Coverage in California

Underinsured coverage is designed to help you cover medical expenses as well as property damage costs you may have accumulated as a result of being struck by a driver who did not have enough auto insurance coverage to fund your expenses. This form of insurance coverage is set to provide funding to fill the gap between what the at-fault driver’s auto policy can cover and what your actual expenses are.

For instance, suppose you have been involved in a vehicle collision where your medical bills are $20,000 and you also have amassed a total of $15,000 in property damages. In the event that the at-fault driver only carries a policy that has a limit of $15,000, that driver is considered under-insured. In this scenario, it is likely that you will consider making a claim with your own insurance policy. It should be noted, however, that this could only happen if you previously added the supplementary coverage to your policy.

When Making a Coverage Claim, Act Swiftly

If you have been involved in a vehicle collision, it is important that you act quickly but carefully when making an insurance claim. The State of California sets strict time limitations for an injured person to make a claim, which may pressure you into making a quick claim. Unfortunately after an accident, you may not always know the full extent of your injuries until significant time has passed since the accident. For difficult cases, consider seeking the legal advice of an experienced attorney.

Consult the Support of a Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle collision where you expect to file an under-insured motorist claim, you should know that many insurance companies will not allow you to file a claim that exceeds that of your own coverage. Additionally, when making an under-insured motorist claim, it is likely that your insurer will investigate the claim. However, if your insurance company is making it difficult for you to obtain financial compensation or is unreasonably delaying, the insurer could be acting in bad faith. Speak to a personal injury attorney who can represent your case and help you throughout this difficult process.

The attorneys at the RM Law Group, LLP are skilled in the field of auto accident cases. The firm has many years of dedicated experience in helping California residents obtain the compensation they deserve after suffering injuries as a result of negligence. When it comes to personal injury claims, California has a strict statute of limitations for pursuing these claims. Obtain the support of a law firm that will fight for your rights.