If you or someone you know has recently suffered a slip and fall accident at a store, a construction site, or other private property, it is important to understand that there may be an opportunity to obtain financial compensation for the injuries sustained. Individuals such as business owners and employers have a legal obligation to keep their premises reasonably free from hazards and dangers. Speak to a skilled personal injury attorney that has experience in dealing with slip and fall accidents. An experienced attorney will go over the facts of your case and help you determine if filing a claim is the best option for your situation. Further, a knowledgeable attorney will represent your interests and make sure your rights as a victim are protected.

 The Importance of Filing the Report

When you suffer an accident while on a commercial property, the people managing the establishment may often ask if you would like to file an accident report with them. Depending on the circumstances, many people will often choose not to file a report. This could be because they do not think any injuries are present, or that their injuries are not significant enough. Filing an accident report, however, is very important. Having an accident report will corroborate your version of how the accident occurred and can strengthen your claim, should you choose to file for one. Be sure to ask for a copy of the report for your safekeeping. Each store, or facility will have different procedures for reporting an incident so gain as much specific information as possible about the report and any follow up requirements they may have of you.

Important Elements to Include in a Report

Filing a report will require that you provide as much  detail of the incident as you possibly can.. The more details in the report, the stronger it will help your claim. The following details are some of the most important elements you should provide in you accident report:

  • Date and time of the location
  • A detailed description of the injuries and the intensity of the pain
  • How the accident occurred
  • Name and contact information of any witnesses in the area
  • The details leading up to the accident
  • Any factors present in the location of the incident such as hazards, loose, wet or cracked floors, poorly lit or lack of warning signs….

Other Important Factors to Consider

Aside from drafting an accident report, there are other factors that could help your case. For instance, take the initiative to take detailed photographs of the surrounding area where the incident happened. Pictures can make a great and sturdy piece of evidence. Further, take pictures of your injuries, if visible. Like the old saying, “a picture says a thousand words.”

Perhaps one of the most profound pieces of evidence in your claim will be a medical report. After the accident has happened, seek medical attention immediately. A medical report is a professional document that will establish concrete evidence that your pain and injuries do in fact exist. By seeking medical attention, not only will you demonstrate that you have attempted to treat your injuries, but failing to seek medical attention could be perceived as making your injuries worse. Depending on the location of the incident and their procedures, emergency medical response may be called, or you may have the option to request it. Without medical training, it is often impossible for a victim to have a complete understanding of their injuries. If you are given the option for emergency medical attention, you should have them dispatched, and let them make the decisions about your treatment. This then creates an immediate documentation of the incident from not only medically trained professionals, but also a neutral third party to the accident.

Seek Legal Support to File a Personal Injury Claim

Slip and fall accidents are unfortunately very common. They can often cause severe trauma to a person not only in a physical manner, but in other parts of a victim’s life as well. If you have suffered any kind of grievances due to a slip and fall, consider speaking to a skilled personal injury attorney who can guide you through the process of filing a claim.

The attorneys at RM Law Group have comprehensive experience in dealing with personal injury claims. Their expertise in slip and fall injuries have successfully ensured their clients receive maximum financial compensation for their injuries. Personal injury claims are time sensitive; seek proficient legal support today.