Yes, our car accident attorneys recommend that you report a minor accident, so that a police report is taken. You never know what injuries you may develop later because of the wreck. Often, you are disoriented at the time of the accident. It’s good to have a written record of what happened before you start to forget any important details over time. You might have to wait for an officer to take the report, but it will be worth it if you have a claim later.

Do I Have to Let My Insurance Company Know?

Most insurance companies require a contractual obligation on your part to inform them of any accidents. Enforcement is not consistent, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to reporting accidents. Sometimes, drivers decide not to take the time to wait for the police. This is risky and can cause you trouble later. So, it’s always best to report the accident.

What if it’s Not My Fault?

If the accident is not your fault, then you want to push for the police report and let your insurance company know about the crash. Often, an at fault driver will give you their personal information and,instead of filing a claim,they offer you cash for the damages, or they promise to pay later. This usually means that something is amiss. Protect yourself, your property, and your health. File the report.

What if Someone’s Injured?

If someone is injured, then the requirement changes. Be sure to get a police report and notify your insurance company. Even if the injury seems minor, you are usually in shock after an accident, and injuries may exist that you don’t know about yet. Sometimes it takes a few days for the effects of the accident to show as you begin to recover from your injuries.

What to Do After the Accident

The first thing you should do after the accident is to call the police and have them complete an accident report. Seek medical treatment for any injuries. Even if you’re feeling fine, it’s a good idea to get yourself checked out. Then, report the accident to your insurance company.

It’s true that they might increase your premiums. However, when they find out that you were in an accident and didn’t report it, they will certainly increase your premiums.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

After you have all those things in order, evaluate the situation. If the other person is at fault, and you have damage to your car or injuries to your body, it’s time to consider contacting an auto accident attorney. Hire a good personal injury attorney that specializes in car accidents. They will have the experience you are looking for when it comes to the ins and outs of filing a claim.

There is usually no charge for your initial consultation. An auto accident lawyer will tell you if the accident is minor and you can settle it on your own. Don’t try to tackle a complicated situation by yourself.