San Bernardino has really stepped up its efforts in protecting the typical motorcycle driver from accidents and injury on the roads.  These efforts include:

  • More law enforcement officers to stop improper vehicle operations of any kind.
  • Creating advertising and publications to heighten awareness.
  • Cracking down on drivers of automobiles and motorcycle drivers who break the law.

Within these same guidelines, our motorcycle accident attorneys would like to provide you with some tips that will help you travel the San Bernardino roads using any motorcycle and remain safe.

Tips For Safe Driving

  • Be seen!

Being seen is the most important challenge you have on the road. Blind spots, thick traffic, and road crews can make fall off your motorcycle. Automobile drivers are not accustomed to watching for you. If you slip into one of these visibility problem areas, you will probably be run over. Make sure all the lights work on the motorcycle. Wear reflective gear or clothing, and this will often catch someone’s eye.

  • Don’t drive under the influence

This should be a given no matter what you are driving. It is important to note that a motorcycle offers little physical protection. Being under the influence while driving a motorcycle puts you and everyone else in danger.

  • Know your bike

You must know the details of your motorcycle. You must know how it handles, feels, speeds up and slows down. Motorcycles are unforgiving. Make sure you know your bike and get training and experience driving it before you get out into major traffic.

  • Proper gear

You must wear protection for your body. This will help you if you are in an accident and will keep a minor issue from becoming a major accident. Wear gear that protects:

  • The head (helmet)
  • Eyes (goggles or face shield)
  • Arms (long sleeves, jackets)
  • Legs (pants, chaps)
  • Feet (boots)

San Bernardino Safety Courses

San Bernardino offers several motorcycles safety courses to prepare and empower the motorcycle driver. A computer search will help you find one, or you can contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for a complete list.

You can also contact the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for rider refresher courses.

Practice riding your motorcycle in a safe area until you get the feel of it.

Obey The Law

There is little room for error when driving a motorcycle. It is important that you know the laws of the road and that you strictly follow them. This includes obeying speeding laws and practicing proper signaling.

  • Do not drive your motorcycle if you are overly tired. Know your limits. If you need a ride, call someone. Trying to maneuver a motorcycle through traffic when you are not at your physical best is dangerous for you and all of the other drivers on the road with you.
  • Do not ride inexperienced riders on your bike.
  • Do not loan your motorcycle to someone who is not qualified to operate it.

Owning and operating a motorcycle is a great experience, but it carries heavy responsibilities. Be sure you are prepared before you take your motorcycle out on the roads. If you are injured, speak to a motorcycle accident lawyer at once.