When you say “slip and fall” you may think of a minor trip and maybe a few scrapes and a bruised ego. But the truth is, slip and fall accidents are often very serious, gruesome, and sometimes they lead to permanent injury and even death.

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere. Below, our slip and fall lawyers will identify some of the common places in California where slip and fall accidents happen. These accidents are often preventable and they end up in court for resolution.

Places that accidents occur

  • Big Box Stores (such as Walmart, Target, K-Mart)

These are large stores where a lot of people go every day. The sheer volume of product movement, customers, and employees make slip and fall accidents likely.

  • Supermarkets & Specialty Markets

Like big box stores, mega food stores have a high traffic volume and a lot of product movement. Add the fact that the products include breakable items, foods, liquids, cleaning supplies, and equipment that can leak.

  • Malls and shopping centers

This includes high-end department stores, furniture stores, electronic stores, clothing stores and sporting goods stores.

  • Eating establishments

Fast food places, sit-down restaurants, food courts, and cafeterias and coffee shops. Anywhere there is cooking and serving, there are spills and cleaning equipment. This causes accidents.

  • Bars, clubs, lounges, and after hours businesses

Dark rooms, alcohol, crowds, loud music, and dancing is a great recipe for accidents.

  • Playgrounds, water parks, amusement parks (Disney, Universal Studios, and others)

These amusement centers are big attractions for children and slip and fall accidents with children can mean traumatic brain injury. A slip and fall can be deadly when rides and exhibits are involved.

  • Sports stadiums, theaters, movie theaters

People crowding up and down aisles of bleachers can cause serious accidents. Walking around a darkened theater where food, drinks (and ice) are often spilled, and where the sound is so loud that you may not hear the sound of something under your feet can create the perfect accident storm.

Top 4 reasons for slip and fall accidents

  • Defective surfaces
    • Torn carpet
    • Uneven walks and potholes
    • Loose boards
  • Weather conditions & wet floors
    • Ice
    • Snow
    • Rain
    • Inadequate floor mats to keep shoes and floors dry
    • Mopped or waxed floors (wet)
  • Poor training
    • Employees who do not know how to operate equipment
    • Employees not following safety protocol (signs, reporting spills, damage reporting)
    • Leaving clutter in walkways
    • Not returning supplies and tools to proper storage places
  • Improper shoes
    • High heels
    • Sneakers and dress shoes with no traction and slick bottoms
    • Not wearing industrial footwear in factories, warehouses, and other workplaces

Note: 24% of slip and fall accidents can be attributed to improper footwear. A person wearing heels that are 6” high can fall on the smallest defect of a walking area. Water, oil, cleaners, as well as drinks, are commonly spilled in the workplace. This is why they make work shoes/boots that are designed to provide traction in those conditions.

Be a responsible person and pay attention to your walking area. You should do all you can do to be safe. However, when the proprietor does not do his part to keep you safe, he is liable for his actions or in-actions. This is when you need the services of a slip and fall attorney.