If you have ever been to  the city of San Bernardino, you know it is bursting with diversity. There are people from all cultures enjoying this region of natural beauty. With this diverse population came wonderful foods from around the world.

Because San Bernardino is a family friendly city, many of the most highly rated eateries are also moderately priced. But, do not let the prices fool you. The food is fantastic and we will highlight and feature some of these great family restaurants in this article.

B.J.’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

When people say a place is an American restaurant, they generally mean they serve steaks, burgers, and apple pie. But if you ask an American, they think a great American restaurant serves foods from all over the world. We love our steaks and burgers, and B.J.’s makes some great ones. But we also love pizza, ribs, barbecue, and a wide range of dishes. From the appetizers to wonderful desserts like a thick chocolate chip pizookie with great vanilla ice cream, B.J.’s has it all.

This restaurant has a wonderful beer selection and is well-known for their craft beer on tap. Prices are reasonable.

Rosa Maria’s

While this is technically a fast food place, you will always find a bit of a crowd. That is because this is the place the locals go for great, traditional Mexican dishes. The service is good and the prices are low, so you can try all their homemade dishes. While this may not be where you would go for a romantic dinner, it is the place to go for a relaxed atmosphere and some good food. Rosa Maria’s pulls in a firm 4.5 to 5 stars continually on all review sites.

Happy Family Vegetarian Restaurant

This is a great Asian restaurant which is vegetarian-friendly, and they have vegan options. The traditional foods like egg rolls, spring rolls, and mushroom chicken are always in high demand. You get a wonderful selection of Chinese and Asian dishes that are tasty and enjoyed by everyone, vegetarian or not. The serving sizes are generous, the prices are reasonable, and the service is always good. The restaurant is casual and clean. This is a restaurant you will visit again and again.

India’s Clay Oven

Whether you enjoy the buffet or order off the menu, you will find traditional Indian food that many argue is the best in the city. The casual, family atmosphere is complemented by the friendly and attentive staff. While Indian dishes are usually spicy, you will find these dishes perfectly blended and expertly prepared.

These restaurants and much more are waiting for you in San Bernardino. However, if you are just looking for a quick burger that tastes great, you might want to try:

  • Claim Jumper
  • Five Guys Burgers
  • In-N-Out Burgers
  • George’s Burgers
  • John’s Burgers

For a great snack or desserts try Marshalls Donuts and Ice Cream and La Estrella Bakery.

From chain restaurants to mom & pop eating establishments, you will find what you are looking for in this beautiful city.