Americans love their motorcycles. We love the look of the machines and the wind in our face. We like the freedom of wide-open highways and depending upon our own skills to survive. Unfortunately, motorcycles can be some seriously dangerous machines.

Every year there are more than 92,000 injuries in the United States. Of those accidents, over 4,200 of them will cause death to the driver or the rider of the motorcycle. Proper training, proper riding equipment, and the ability to drive defensively can lower your personal risks.

Using the statistics for motorcycle accidents, we will identify the most dangerous motorcycles on the roads in the United States.

The Cruiser

According to our motorcycle accident lawyers, more than half of the motorcycles on the road today are cruisers. The number of cruisers on the road contributes to the reason why so many are involved in accidents.

The popularity of the cruiser can be attributed to the following:

  • The reputation and respect for the Harley-Davidson brand with motorcycle enthusiast.
  • Sex appeal
    • Hollywood has helped paint a picture in our minds of the sexy, bad-boy types who ride off into the sunset with chrome shining in the sunshine.
  • Biker mentality
    • This is the “forget the rules” image bikers have. This mentality is leather-clad, beer drinking, take no stuff from anyone thinking.

Street Bikes

The street bike is sleek, forward leaning, and referred to as speed demons. The shape of the motorcycle and the positioning of the driver makes the street bike appear to be less wind resistant. Part of the reason they are so well-loved is:

  • Sporty bikes with extreme paint jobs that make the bike look super cool to the younger drivers.
  • These bikes carry a lot of horsepower, straight from the factory.
  • The tendency of the speed bike drivers to race each other for sport.

Adventure Tourers

It might surprise you to see the touring bike on this list. This bike is normally ridden by the more mature driver, The bikes are luxurious and come with many factory installed extras. So why does the touring bike make our list?

  • The weight of the bikes
    • Touring bikes can easily weigh 600-800 pounds. They are difficult to hold up unless you have them balanced. With that kind of weight, tipping too far to one side most certainly will turn you over.
  • The age of the driver
    • Touring bikes are very expensive. The bike owner is usually older than the normal bike driver. Because of this, reflexes may be a bit slower.
  • Inexperience
    • The touring bike rider may have ridden motorcycles for many years. But the touring bike is a different situation. The touring bike driver should take the time to train themselves on the larger, bulkier motorcycle.

Any motorcycle can be dangerous. There is nothing around the driver to protect them. Their helmet and clothing are the only things between their body and the asphalt. Automobile drivers, truckers, and even other bikers do not always watch for the motorcyclist and this causes them to be hit, knocked over and rear-ended. If you are going to ride a motorcycle, you must assume you are not seen and drive accordingly. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, speak to a motorcycle accident attorney today.