There are many types of motorcycle accidents according to our motorcycle accident attorneys. The causes of these accidents are plentiful, but often a few good motorcycling driving tips can help you avoid most of them.

You must realize that the playing field is not a fair one. Automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles travel on the same roads motorcycles do. They are larger, have more weight, are harder to see out of, and many times, drivers are not expecting to see a cyclist approach them. The best offense if a good defense. You cannot out crash them, so often you must out-drive them.

Below our motorcycle accident attorneys will highlight the most common motorcycle accidents and hopefully give you a few tips on how to avoid them:

Vehicle turns left in front of the motorcycle

This happens a lot. The driver of the automobile is trying to make a left turn, and they do not see you on your motorcycle. They turn directly into your bike, causing damage and usually injury.

Tips to follow:

Develop a sixth sense. You should always be aware of what the vehicle in front of you is doing. Watch for signs that they are about to turn. Get used to looking for an escape route when you enter an intersection. Learn how to brace for impact without laying your bike down. Always make it your business to make yourself seen by other drivers

Hitting loose gravel in blind curves

You are coming into a blind curve, and as you begin, your bike hits loose gravel, sand, grass, or debris that are on the road. This causes you to flip your motorcycle or lose control and crash it.

The same rules apply for simply taking a curve too fast. If you cannot see where the road is ahead of you, slow your bike to a speed that can handle any unexpected turn.

Tips to follow:

Don’t hit it in the first place. This sounds a bit flip, but the truth is, you have to approach every blind curve as if there is something in the road. Part of your driving skills and style must be to go in slow and then you can go out fast. If you want to play with speed, do it in an area where you can see the road conditions.

Lane changes

The driver of an automobile begins to merge into the lane you are in, oblivious to the fact that you are there. This happens when a motorcycle ventures into the blind spot of the vehicle.

Tips to follow:

Assume the driver cannot see you. Determine where the blind spots are and do your best to spend as little time there as possible. Also, try to leave space between you and the other vehicles on the road to allow yourself maneuverability.

Tips for every rider:

  • Do not speed
  • Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Avoid sudden stops
  • Always be aware of road conditions
  • Do not ride areas that require more experience than you have
  • Wear proper gear
  • Keep your bike in good shape